Friday, May 2, 2008

Raggedy Ann updated

I stumbled on this a while ago, and then I was thinking about it again today but couldn't find it readily, so I'm making this post more for my own reference than anything else. This article talks a bit about how there's going to be a new Raggedy Ann cartoon coming either this Fall or Fall 2009 (it's not entirely clear). There's a picture of the updated Ann with a cat, but I'm more interested in seeing what Andy will look like ^_~ Of course, my liking Andy is mostly influenced by the movie, but the original books have their moments, too. Like in one story, he gets his smile half-washed off accidentally, and all the other dolls freak out about it. And he's just like, "Hey, I'm still smiling whether you can see it or not," but the other dolls keep on about it, so he gets annoyed. (But fortunately, this all happened on Christmas Eve, so St. Nick showed up and fixed all the little problems the dolls had, including Andy's smile, so there you go.)

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