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The Zany Bishojo Evalana answers you 1

This one goes out to Esme, who asked: "Your thoughts on ALL of the Care Bear Couples (for AiCaL) that you have heard about!"

Well, I don't really follow the shipping circles, but here are my thoughts on the few couplings I've heard of or thought of myself:

This is the first coupling I called, based on the very first episode (A Little Help & Telltale Tummy) and confirmed by the second (Growing Pains & King Grumpy) ^_~ This is one of the few couples that I'd be fine with actually being canon. They're just so cute, with Share being so sweet, reaching out to him, and Grumpy being gruff, but with a secret soft spot for her. They'd both be the "little things" kind of couple, where their actions speak louder than words.

I see this couple more as a holdover from the older series, which definitely had their Cheer/Grumpy moments. I've seen supporters of this couple in AiCaL cite "A Case of the Grumpies," but IMO, I saw her attempts at cheering up Grumpy as a project ("I'm sure I can do it," she said with such smug confidence), not because she had feelings for him (if you know what I mean). And that's really how I see their relationship, and Cheer's relationship with anyone, really. She's the one in charge, and the others are just the players in her plans.

Um, I don't really have any thoughts on them. I just don't see it. I guess this came from "Care-ful Bear," but I think that he would have felt bad no matter who got hurt. And as we saw from The "Best Bear in Care-a-lot," Funshine is just generally a good guy to everyone.

Of any pairings involving these two, I think that this one is the most likely, although it would probably stay the "practically a couple, but they don't realize it" kind of thing. They both tend to get ideas in their heads that they can't let go of. And if the idea was each other.... ^_~

I know I'm not the only one who noticed how similar Oopsy's usual drawn-in belly badge is to Wish's. My personal theory is that Oopsy has a crush on Wish, hence the badge similarity and why he was all gung-ho about Twinklets, but Wish has no clue. She really seems more the motherly type than a romantic, so she's a shoo-in for selective obliviousness.

This one comes directly from Oopsy Does It, where Cheer was pretty much the only one who put any stock in Oopsy. And then she cheered him up with that song when they were locked in the dungeon. They'd be a nice couple, probably.

Okay, maybe this one is just me, but seriously, "Rebooted" gave me a vibe for this couple. I mean, Share was the first one to be sympathetic toward Grizzle, and she gave him the lollipop and a hug (fortunately, Grumpy was not jealous. Or if he was, he kept it inside, but Grumpy doesn't really seem like the type to do that, y'know?), and she was the one who pointed out that Grizzled cared at the end. Maybe Share has a thing for the grouchy types, hm? ^_~

A holdover from the 2000s version, but still a cute thought. I kinda see AiCaL Love-a-lot as being a little fickle, crushing on all the boys, but never looking for anything serious. Love-a-lot = ultimate fangirl.

For me this falls under the "Funshine is a good guy" and "Love-a-lot is fickle" umbrella. You could actually get a lot of pairings out of those two for those two reasons alone.

Mostly based on "The Best Bear in Care-a-lot," how he was actually able to surprise her, and she respected him for that. But I think they'd be just friends.

Bedtime/Sweet Dreams
Yes, I know that she hasn't shown up in the series, but they made a plush of her in AiCaL style, so it's inevitable. And seriously, her only purpose is to be Bedtime's girlfriend. I guess he got lonely, being the only nocturnal bear.
Super Secret Slash Section (don't read if you don't want the images)
Don't take these too seriously. They just amuse me, in a crack kind of way.

Blame this one on Oopsy Does It. You know the scene ("Want another Care Bear Stare?"). Plus that one part in Rainshine Meadows where Grumpy said he hates seeing Funshine unhappy ^_~

From Dare Bears, I guess. They seem to hang out a lot.

This one comes from ODI. It would probably be an emotionally abusive relationship, as Grizzle would alternatively play on Oopsy's insecurites and make more, depending on the situation.

Grizzle/Mr. Beaks
You know it! ^_^

And there you have it. Feel free to ask me more questions, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

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