Thursday, May 29, 2008

You had to be there

Ah man, today's Dominic Deegan so makes me want to make an "Option Side" joke, but the only people who would get it are people who went to a KND board I don't go to any more. But I can't not make it, so I'm posting it here anyway. Thus, my commentary on this strip is "They should have known better than to go to the Option Side."

I guess I really should explain that. You see, on that board there was thread for adding your own captions to screenshots from the show, and a running joke started about a resort with a "Clothing Optional" side, which quickly got shortened to Option Side. This was apparently the only reason these characters went to the resort ^_~. And there you have it.

Also, I'm saddened that The Committee Song from Babar the Movie is only available in French and Finnish on Youtube. The comments on today's Skin Horse make me want to post the opening lyrics over there, but I can't remember them. If only I still had my old computer...I had all the lyrics written down there.


Anonymous said...

I was also disappointed to see that YouTube didn't have the "Committee Song" from Babar in English. I wanted to show it to someone and I thought, "Oh I'll just hop on YouTube, I'm sure it's there." But alas, it was not. I know I have the DVD buried in storage somewhere at my parents' house but it would be nice to access it quickly.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Actually, someone recently uploaded the whole movie onto Youtube, like a week ago.