Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sushi Pack Rankings - Wasabi

Ranking #5 - Wasabi

Last and least, Wasabi. Granted, there's nothing all that wrong with Wasabi, per se, but I'm just sick and tired of him. And here are the reasons why:
  • One, I really don't like characters that don't talk. Whether they just don't say anything, or they speak unintelligibly but the others understand him, there's something about those characters that rubs me the wrong way. Drives me nuts. It's probably because I work with the public on a daily basis, and let me tell you, people who don't talk to you when you talk to them are really creepy in real life.
  • Two, there are way too many episodes that focus on him! Out of the episodes that focus on one character learning a lesson (as opposed to the group or two or more characters), he's been the focus of the majority of them (six), even more than Tako!
  • Mind you, this wouldn't be so bad if his lessons were remotely interesting. But they almost always follow the same vein: Wasabi gets offended, and this negatively effects the mission of the day. Rarely is his own attitude brought up, it's always the other members of the team (or Ben) who are in the wrong. So, of the six episodes focusing on him, he's only really learned a lesson in one of them! (Maybe two, if you count having his dreams crushed in Sweet Tooth as a lesson.)
I will grant you that Wasabi is awfully cute, which I blame entirely on his huge eyes, which are meant to show that he's the youngest Pack member (I'm assuming, anyway). But cuteness can only carry a character so far...

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