Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sushi Pack rankings - Tako

Just something I've been thinking about. Over the next week or so (probably), I'll be posting about each member of the Sushi Pack and why I feel the way I do about them.

Rank #1 - Tako

Could it be anyone else? If you've been paying attention, this should come as no surprise. But the reasons why may surprise you (or maybe not).
  • The British Accent. Now, I'm not one of those girls who falls over anything with a British Accent, but somehow Tako just wouldn't be as awesome without it. The best part is that it's a real British guy, not some VA faking it.
  • The eyepatch. I don't know why the eyepatch is so cool, since I definitely don't go for any other eyepatched characters. But the combined forces of the accent, eyepatch, and ego were what made me know that Tako would be my favorite Sushi Pack member from the very first episode.
  • The Many Headed Thinking Routine. Fricking, fricking awesome. My love for the many headed thinking routine is vast. I would love to see it more often, even just used for absolute tangents. Actually, that would be even better. Tako thinking about his favorite movie! Tako thinking about what to have for lunch!* Tako thinking about Maguro ^_~
  • His personality extremes. When he's low, the world is crashing down, when he's high (figuratively), things couldn't be better. When he's bummed, there's no getting him to do anything, but when he's happy he's up for anything.
  • He's an octopus, which is cool in and of itself, but also his name is tako, which makes me think of takoyaki, which is about the yummiest thing to come out of Japan ever. I wish I could find a place around here that had takoyaki.
  • The fact that he's the leader and not Ikura. From what I've noticed of these things, the action guy is usually the leader, not the thinker, y'know?
I will admit, one thing I don't like about Tako is the weird noises he makes when he's fighting. I could do without those, but I'll put up with them.

Maguro: What would you like for lunch, Tako?
Tako: Hm... *thinking* Indeed, what to have for lunch? A salad would be nice, but I'm craving something different... A chili dog with fries? I'm really in the mood for some pancakes, come to think of it. But breakfast is over! Could I possibly eat something normally served at breakfast for LUNCH? Oh, decisions!
Kani: How long has he been thinking about it?
Maguro: Eleven minutes. -_-
Wasabi: *It's a new record!*

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