Monday, May 5, 2008

Sushi Pack Rankings - Kani

Sushi Pack Ranking #2 - Kani

I had no idea that Kani would somehow become my second favorite. At first she seemed like a character that I wouldn't like at all. But a few things made me change my mind:
  • Her insecurity. There's something kind of endearing about it. I mean, it would have been easy for the writers to just make her a dour girl who doesn't care about anything, but instead they gave her things to worry about, as well as things she really loves.
  • Speaking of her loves, that's another thing: her crownlust. Granted, it's only in two episodes, but it's a nice touch that I appreciate.
  • Another little thing I like about Kani is how she's the inventor of the group without us being beaten over the head with it. In other characters, this would be their entire characterization, or at least everything would branch from it. But with Kani, it's just something she does, and usually off-screen.
  • She is just so cute! I mean, with her little pincher pigtails and all that. Tako may be my favorite overall, but Kani is definitely my favorite in cuteness.
  • Part of her cuteness comes from when she has an outfit. Like that time she dressed up as a scientist in No Clowning Around, or the little outfits she wore in Chemicals Made From Dirt.
  • Her little wordplay. I didn't even notice this the first time around, but rewatching the episodes, I've definitely picked up on a few, like calling Mochi Mochiato an "ice cream scamwich" and using "sand-nabbit" as an expletive, plus a couple others I can't exactly remember right now.
  • Her voice. Chiara Zanni is perfect as Kani.
I don't really like how much Kani refers to herself as a crab or says "X makes me crabby!" or some variation of that. It gets old real fast. But she's so cute, I forgive her. (Or rather, I forgive the writers.)


SACKS said...

A lot of people tend to like Kani because of her pinchers. Thanks for all of the Sushi Luv you're giving us on your blog. I'm glad you like the show. You should check out for more sushi pack goodness. New games will be uploaded soon. We need more Sushi Pack supporters like you. Tell all of your friends to catch the show.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Thank you ^_^
I love the site, and I'll be on the look out for new games.