Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sushi Pack Rankings - Maguro

Rank #4 - Maguro
So, Maguro is fourth. It's not that I dislike Maguro, I just don't actually like that much about her. Why?
  • She's too perfect. Seriously, in all the episodes I've seen, she's always the one in the right. Especially when it comes to who to trust.
  • She isn't very interesting, really. It's like, she's so level-headed that she doesn't have any other personality than that.
  • She's never had to learn a lesson. Heck, even BEN learned a lesson. And I mean an individual lesson. Anytime there's been a lesson learned by her, almost all the others learn it, too, so that doesn't count.
Seriously, Tako learned not be bigheaded in "But is it Art?," Kani learned not to change for no reason in "Chemicals Made From Dirt," Ikura learned not to just rush into things in "Poached Salmon," and Wasabi, how many lessons has he learned by now? Okay, there was a lesson learned by Maguro in "Wharf City on the Half Shell," but I haven't seen that recently enough to remember what it was other than (probably) Compromise, plus that was a shared lesson with Kani, so again, it doesn't count.
Still, Maguro does get approximately 15 more points than anyone else just because she and Tako are so perfect for each other. That'll be another post, though.

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