Friday, May 30, 2008

Disney Fairies Manga!?

During my trip a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get to a Japanese bookstore, and by sheer chance I peek at the children's book section. And what did I find there? Disney. Fairies. Manga. There were two volumes, based on the books "Vidia and the Fairy Crown" and "The Trouble with Tink" and I bought them both. They generally follow the plot of the books, but there are some differences. For one thing, "Vidia and the Fairy Crown" is listed as the first volume, and it has a scene at the beginning where Vidia gets the invitation and and crumples it up, calling it "trivial." And "The Trouble with Tink" includes a flashback for Tink of when Wendy came to Neverland.
Here are some scans I made. Some of them didn't come out very well, though. The artist has an interesting style (I'm not sure what her last name is, but her first name is Haruhi), and she tends to give the fairies fangs. Which makes an odd sort of sense, actually, but it's not the first thing I would have thought of.

Vidia and the Missing Royal Crown. (Vidia to Kieta Oukan)
The back cover
Inside Pic of Vidia (color)
Inside Pic of fairies swinging (color)
Vidia's page of exposition; she spies Tink and Rani (2 pages)
Tink gets mad at Vidia, Vidia says she's not coming to the party (2 pages)
Vidia gives her famous line about the crown
Florian shares her news about the missing crown
Depressed Vidia after the meeting
Prilla in front of Vidia (Very cute)
Prilla wants to help Vidia
Vidia accepts Prilla's help (sort of)
Upon realizing that nobody saw Aiden, Vidia takes off!
Everyone in shock after Aiden uses his drill (panel)
Vidia and Twire
Lympia remembers she never took the velvet bag out of the carrier
Prilla helps herself to a cupcake, Vidia questions Nora
Looking at the fake crowns (panel)
Dupe explains about the fake crowns
Vidia refuses to help
Vidia says the poem super quiet
Vidia has the real crown!
At the hearing
Everyone realizes that they were wrong about Vidia (2 pages)
Vidia smiles her 'thank you' to Prilla (2 pages)
Profiles of the fairies in the story (2 pages)
Four panel comics (2 pages, translated)
More four panel comics (2 pages, translated)

It's kind of odd, but when I read the books, I hear Vidia as sounding like an accentless Eva Gabor (it's all the "darlings" she throws around), but when I read the manga, she sounds like a combination of Chieko Honda and Kaori Mizuhashi.

Tinkerbell's Secret (Tinkaa*Beru no Himitsu)
Back cover
Inside pic of Tink (color)
Portrait of fairies with Queen Clarion (color)
Terence comes to visit Tink at work (2 pages)
Tink gets excited about the game of Tag
Terence tells Tink he's glad she came...but she's gone
Violet shows up for her pot (cropped)
Dulcie promises Strawberry Pie
Vidia's page of exposition
Prilla waves to Tink (panel)
Rani makes a huge fountain (particularly bad scan, panel)
Dinner with the Pots and Pans fairies (2 pages)
Flashback of Peter Pan and Wendy (2 pages)
Tink and Mother Dove (panel)
Peter and Terence (panel)
Tink says goodbye to Peter
Bonus comics (2 pages, translated)

About the bonus comics, I translated the title as "Small and Cute Fairy Diary," but the first word is actually more like "Tiny."
Of course, after I got all this scanned and edited, I found out that Tokyopop is releasing the manga this August. orz


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Can you rescan those mangas in English?

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

Sorry, no.

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Can we buy them in America? Terence and Tinkerbell are so cute together!!! Peter Pan and Wendy are cute too!!! XD SQUEE!

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Why can't I find The Trouble With Tink anywhere?
like at all.