Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Zany Bishojo Evalana Finally Gets Around to Answering You - Part Two

(image from Carlos Illustration)
Max Jordan asked, "On Sushi Pack, do you think Mochi could be a good guy just as easily as a bad guy?"
The way that Sushi Pack is written, I could easily see most of the villains making a heel face turn.  Mochi in particular, though, I can easily see going either way.  That is, I can see her either being a part of the Pack in her own right, or just pretending to, essentially becoming a mole for the Legion.  But she'd do either one with a smile on her face, so you'd never really know what she's thinking.

He also asked, "Remember that ep when Titanium Chef fired the legion? If that had been real, what do see each member of the legion doing with themselves?"
Well, if they didn't become members of the Sushi Pack (and they probably wouldn't, just on general principle), then they might form their own group, probably still under the name The Legion of Low Tide, that fought crime.  Or committed them.  I mean, really, I doubt they need the Titanium Chef to be evil.  And I don't really see them splitting up or anything.  All they have is each other, really.
That said, here are the totally random things I imagine them doing if they really did split up:
Mochi - A survey lady at the mall
Fugu - Working at Radio Shack
Toro - Masked wrestler!
Uni - Has his own radio show
Unagi - Works at the local science museum giving electricity demonstrations

Hope that answers your questions, Max.

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Prudence said...

Heel Face Turn:
"A very common fate for a female character in any evil group."

Very true. Only believable if said female had good to her to begin with, though.