Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Final Four

  • 20:03 Duets night, hm? Sounds interesting. 
  • 20:08 Aw, come on, where are the duets? 
  • 20:08 I'm not liking this song Adam's singing (I missed what it was). But it sounds right for him, I will say that. 
  • 20:18 I like that lipstick on Allison. The song's okay, too. 
  • 20:28 Okay, so Gokey and Kris are duetting. But are they going to have individual songs, too? Probably. 
  • 20:28 Whoa, awesome rocking! 
  • 20:38 Not sure how I feel about Kris doing "Come Together." It's just a weird song. But he sounds good and looks sexy doing it. 
  • 20:49 No offense to Gokey, but I'm falling asleep here. Not sure if it has anything to do with his "Dream On" performance, though. 
  • 20:59 Adam and Allison sound to similar 
  • 21:00 too similar, even

  • 21:02 I'm thinking Allison is going home this week. 
  • 21:24 Oh hey, No Doubt 
  • 21:26 Man, she is out of breath. 
  • 21:31 Neither I nor Mom could remember Gwen Stefani's name until I looked it up. 
  • 21:55 Just as I predicted.

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