Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol - Final Three

  • 20:05 Gokey really doesn't look like he should sound like that. (So he'd be perfect for a radio DJ ^_~) 
  • 20:11 That was a sbemail reference, in case you didn't know. 
  • 20:15 Has Kris played the piano before? I feel like he has, but I can't remember when. 
  • 20:25 One by U2, eh? 
  • 20:26 Oh, so that's what that song is called. 
  • 20:27 At first it was boring, but then Adam pulled out the weird faces. Oh, you Adam you. 
  • 20:27 And the tongue. Quote Dad, "He just couldn't help himself." 
  • 20:37 Who's singing that cover of Africa? 
  • 20:37 I heard that they didn't do Idol Gives Back officially this year because of the economy. 
  • 20:46 A nice performance, although I'm now trying to remember who sang that song once that seems to stick in my mind. 
  • 20:47 You Are So Beautiful is kind of a generic song, though, and Gokey didn't really do anything special with it, IMO. 
  • 20:51 Kris does all right playing the guitar again. 
  • 21:01 An okay performance from Adam, but I forgot to actually watch what he did while singing.
  • 20:59 Ben Stiller? 
  • 21:00 Is that Zac Efron? I don't think so. 
  • 21:00 And who's that other guy? 
  • 21:01 I guess I'll have to go to the Night at the Museum 2 IMDB page to know who they are. 
  • 21:04 Break My Stride doesn't sound right in that key... 
  • 21:08 I can't make out a word this kid is saying. 
  • 21:17 It's always fun seeing the contestants going home for a visit. 
  • 21:18 XD @ Gokey unable to hold back a laugh after hugging the cheerleader. I would totally do that, too. 
  • 21:57 Whoa, Kris made it through? 
  • 21:58 And Adam, but that's not really a surprise.

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