Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 Finale

  • 20:03 Last of these until next year. If I do it again next year. 
  • 20:04 First one I'm doing on my new iPod touch, too. 
  • 20:05 Three songs, eh? 
  • 20:10 That hat makes Adam look like an elf or something 
  • 20:11 He sounds better singing Mad World this time than last. 
  • 20:16 I agree with Simon that it was Phantom-like. 
  • 20:18 Still not crazy about Kris' pick. 
  • 20:22 Have to admit, he *does* have an intimate performance style. 
  • 20:27 I never heard of this song, Change is Gonna Come. Why's he screaming it? 
  • 20:37 I don't know this song either, but Kris sounds good singing it. 
  • 20:40 Whoa! Was Simon wearing that suit earlier? First I've noticed, but it's hot! 
  • 20:45 Man, Adam is pitchy. 
  • 20:55 The band isn't playing right for Kris, says Mom. 
  • 20:56 Kris seems to be putting more into his performance than Adam did.

  • 20:00 Final results show! 
  • 20:04 Heh @ the Randy "for me for you" montage. 
  • 20:06 The Paula one was good, too, but the other two weren't that great. 
  • 20:09 Great to see the girls again. 
  • 20:11 Man, did I miss the girls. 
  • 20:24 Yeah for Nick/Norman winning Best Outstanding Male 
  • 20:25 He doesn't look right without the glasses, though. 
  • 20:41 My sister hasn't watched all season so when Anoop showed up on screen, she asked if he was Jason Mraz. 
  • 20:43 Little did we know the real Jason Mraz would show up. 
  • 20:47 Geh, I hate this song. Always makes me have to pee. 
  • 20:54 I figured Bikini Girl would get Best Attitude. 
  • 21:07 My sister can't get over the shiny miles. Those are made right here in CT, you know. 
  • 21:07 Gokey is sounding good tonight. 
  • 21:17 What are those things on Adam's shoulders?! 
  • 21:21 He fits on well with Kiss, though. 
  • 21:28 Fun times with Santana. 
  • 21:32 I totally called Steve Martin. Didn't predict the banjo, though. 
  • 21:40 That mustache is not a good look for Anoop. 
  • 21:41 Oh, Rod Stewart, you sound terrible. 
  • 21:48 Of course, Tatiana got Best Outstanding Female. 
  • 22:01 And now, the moment of truth... 
  • 22:02 Yaaay for Kris!!!! 

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