Friday, May 22, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake Books

While I continue to fail in my quest to pin down the exact date that the Strawberry Shortcake movie, "Sky's the Limit" will come out (I've heard sometime in July and September 15th), I did make a discovery today that totally made up for it.  A little while ago, Amazon listed three books for the upcoming revamp, but didn't post any cover pictures (not surprising, since the books don't come out until mid-October).  I just happened to check today, and found to my surprise that not only had the covers been posted, but short synopsi as well.

The second is just the same art that was debuted last year, but the first one features the 2D debut of Pupcake and a Berrykin, and the third has Orange Blossom in a different outfit.  But all three make me very happy because while the CGI style looks nice, the 2D style is ten times cuter (which is also my official opinion on AiCaL's styles).


Prudence said...

I'm also quite glad to find that the series will be traditionally animated! All I hope for now with it is a return of the villains. I don't stick with a Strawberry Shortcake series devoid of 'em, which is why I didn't follow the last series until 2006.

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

I'm not entirely sure if this means the series is going to be 2D animated, but it would certainly be nice if it was. For all my google searching, I can't find anything that says the TV series is going to be CGI, but I always assumed it would be, especially once that pilot episode came out. But then again, AiCaL started off with a CGI movie and then had a traditionally animated series, so that could be the case here, too.