Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save Castle!

This one is a request from my husband, who asked me to help spread the word. Apparently, Castle is not doing too well with its target demographic, and is on the 'might be renewed, might not' list. So fans are taking it upon themselves to make ABC know how they feel. Frankly, I've enjoyed Castle since the beginning, and I think that it deserves to get a third season. You can find out more about the Save Castle Campaign at the livejournal community castle_tv.
If you've never heard of Castle, then let me fill you in. Basically, it follows Richard Castle, played to perfection by Nathan Fillion, a mystery writer who has found his muse in no-nonsense police officer Kate Beckett (also played to perfection by Stana Katic), and thus follows her around as she solves crimes (usually with help from him). New episodes start up next week, but the first season is available on DVD, and episodes from both seasons are available for download on iTunes.

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