Friday, January 22, 2010

CWaCoM - Scissors: A Love Story

Here's a little something I put together, mostly for the joke at the very end.

"I'll be using these bad boys to help save the town," Brent said, pulling out a pair of golden scissors. Brent loved those scissors very much, but he loved showing them off even more.

As Brent flaunted the scissors, Flint's heart ached. For though he longed for the scissors, he knew that they could never be his, so long as Brent was number one in town.

And so Brent and his scissors went off to cut some ribbons, unaware of the fate that was about to befall them.

Change was in the air. It was not long before Flint also began to garner a bit of fame in the town...

...and soon he had eclipsed Brent completely.

"At least I still have my scissors," Brent said, holding them tight.

But even those would be taken away from him. As the mayor demanded Brent hand the scissors over, Flint could hardly contain his excitement. Soon the scissors he had desired for so long would be in his hands!

Brent couldn't believe it. His scissors, used by someone else? By Flint, of all people? He couldn't let that happen!

"No, I'm never gonna give them up!" Brent cried, holding onto the scissors as tightly as he could. "I'll never let go!"

Yet despite Brent's best efforts, the scissors were forcefully ripped from his grasp, and handed to Flint.

Using the scissors to cut the ribbon as Brent so often had, Flint felt a wave of joy wash over him.

At last the scissors were his!

Brent could not believe his scissors would betray him. "Scissors.... I thought what we had was special!" he cried out.

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