Monday, January 25, 2010

Comics: January blues

(Click for fullsized bonus Shortpacked)

This one actually went up a few weeks ago, and I meant to blog it then, because I had just been to my closest Walmart (not the greatest one, but they've been working on it lately), and they were in the process of moving all the toys in the toy section around, so I definitely knew the feeling here. This was the same trip where I first found the SSC dolls that had the Berryfest Princess description on the back, but I didn't buy any because I was actually on the trail of something else, and since it wasn't at Walmart, I didn't want to get anything else. This was mostly because I was also visiting Target that day, and I figured they would have the dolls there, too, and I wasn't one hundred percent sure I wanted to get dolls anyway. I'm not a huge merchandise collector, really, although I love to go around to stores and just see what's available. Anyway, long story short, Target didn't have the dolls, later on I decided I wanted to get them anyway so I could scan the image on the back and post here, and so it was back to Walmart I went, though not that same day. By the time I got back there, the rearranging was mostly done, though it took me four times around the toy section to find where the SSC dolls were. Like I said, that Walmart is working on being a better store than they have been, but they're not quite there yet.

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