Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preview: SSC Berryfest Princess

According to Amazon (and a number of other sites), the next Strawberry Shortcake DVD, The Berryfest Princess Movie, is set to come out on March 2nd. While Amazon has the DVD cover up, no plot information has been posted there or anywhere else yet. But the latest dolls in the toyline include a brief synopsis on the back (and an image of the DVD cover that is different from Amazon's), which I've included below. To wit:
Join Strawberry Shortcake and all the girls in Berry Bitty City as they get ready for the Spring Festival! When the Grand Marshal is suddenly called away, Strawberry Shortcake learns how to be a leader with help from her friends!
Which is a little different than what I had been thinking the plot would be (i.e. the girls would compete to be the titular princess, learning lessons about not being ultra-competitive along the way). So, is the Grand Marshal the Princess, or does the Grand Marshal pick the Princess? In that case, my thoughts on the plot could still stand. Sounds like it'll be another lesson in delegation, though. And just who will this mysterious Grand Marshal that gets called away be, anyway? A reimagined old character, or a completely new character? Or perhaps they won't even be seen, just mentioned. We'll have to wait until March to find out.

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