Sunday, January 6, 2008

Strawberry Marshmallow

I watched the first volume of the anime Ichigo Mashimaro, also known as Strawberry Marshmallow, back in September, but I didn't get to the second and third volumes until a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the series, despite my apprehension about the character designs, so I decided to check out the manga, since I knew it was out and I'd heard that some stories played better in the manga than the anime. I went to the mall yesterday, intending to buy the first couple of volumes, but the Borders Express I went to only had volumes 3 and 4, so I got them anyway. It's not like Strawberry Marshmallow has an overarching story that has to be read in order or anything. And so I started reading volume 3, and I wasn't all that impressed with it vs. the anime, until I got to Episode 28: Cinderella.

This chapter tells the story of Cinderella (obviously) as read by Miu, so instead of the typical manga trope of having the characters act out the story, we instead get a picture book style with images of Matsuri as Cinderella, Ana and Chika as the stepsisters, Nobue as the prince, and Miu as the Fairy Godmother who ends up sticking around and living happily ever after. What made the story, though, was the additions Miu brings to the story, from stating that the stepsisters "bullied Cinderella horribly, especially on Thursdays and Fridays," to making the Fairy Godmother comment on the effectiveness of Cinderella's gown for fighting demons.

And then I read the chapter where they played with dolls, which was better than in the anime, so I decided that it was worth the money.

I really want the CD with the character songs on it, though.

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