Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm a winner! and the Sci-Fi channel

On the 21st of December, I entered Animated View's Sonic Underground giveaway, and I checked today (to tell the truth, I forgot I entered) and I won! I'm so happy ^_^ Now I can finally, finally watch the ep about the debutante ball in good quality!
(When Sonic Underground originally aired, it was syndicated, and for some reason the Sci-Fi channel didn't show the series on Fridays, so we missed a fifth of the episodes)

This reminds me of when I was younger, as in middle school age, and the Sci-Fi channel used to show old series in the morning. They used to show Galaxy High, which made my older sister happy, since she actually remembered its original run in the mid-80's, and they also showed Little Shop, the cartoon spin-off of Little Shop of Horrors, which made me happy because I remembered watching it on Fox in the early 90's and I was a huge fan of the musical (I still love it, but I'm not as obsessed now as I was then. Maybe I'll post about it sometime). Anyway, the cartoon version reset the whole scenerio to make the main characters kids (and Audrey became Mushnik's daughter, if I recall correctly), and instead of wanting to eat people, Audrey II just wanted to eat lots of food. And there was a song in every episode. I don't actually remember if it was any good, come to think of it, but it made me happy regardless.

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