Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing Meme - Day Twenty Six

I'm not a great artist, and thus usually leave my characters in the lurch drawing-wise, but there was a time when I was prone to doodling out my characters in the margins of my notebooks.  Most of these were characters from an RPG I was in at the time on YahooGroups, playing a moth-based alien.  Here's the only real drawing I did of her (i.e. not on notebook paper):
The pose is due to her trying to process the RPG's backstory, as told to her by the other characters.
The only time I've had anyone draw my characters was when I was younger and my older sister would draw Enrico and Ocirne from time to time (as well as my younger sister's characters), and once when someone drew the above character, Ariana, for a meme.

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