Saturday, April 3, 2010

Writing Meme - Day Three

I usually let my characters drift in narrative limbo (as it were) without names for a long time. I flesh out who they are and come up with a name for them afterwards. Most of the time, I go through a series of names until I decide which one feels right for them (and even then I may not be completely satisfied with it), though if I'm particularly stuck (or want them to have a Meaningful Name), I'll go to a naming site or use my favorite name resource, "Beyond Jennifer and Jason." But then there's the occasionally character who is "born" complete with a name already, though they're less likely to be main characters.
When it comes to naming places, I tend to come up with just completely random names, like Rearn and Losslaria. I'm not very good at world-building, and I guess it shows with my names.

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