Monday, April 20, 2009

Sushi Pack - Ben's Law

A quick one this time around.  Ben claims credit where none is due, and Ikura has the attention span of a gnat.  But then, we already knew that.

Ben's Law - "Don't be shy, it's time to cry!"
Sophia Tucker reports on a fundraising yacht party hosted by a comedian who, despite not making any jokes, gets lots of laughs anyway.  The Pack, however, are not part of this, but are going on their own boating outing.  Ben wishes the Pack luck as they test out Kani's new boat, Windslicer, a transport with stealth in mind (not entirely sure how often that kind of mission comes up, though).  Ikura's eager to shove off, but Maguro wants to go over the ground rules first, which he promptly tunes out.  Ben warns them that "if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong," which he calls "Ben's Law." ¬_¬ Right...   Y'know, it's not that he's pretending nobody ever said that before, it's the matter-of-fact expression he wears while saying it.  "It's not like this concept has existed for over a century at least and was named after somebody else fifty years ago, nosirree!"
Anyway, Maguro rebriefs everyone on their positions, but what's relevant is that Ikura is the helmsman, in charge of keeping the boat on course.  Tako's supposed to show Ikura how to do that, but Ikura claims to know enough.  Even though the weather's supposed to be good, Ben warns them again that anything can happen, and Wasabi proves he's gullible enough to believe Ben about the whole 'law named after him' thing.  With a push from Ben, they head off, and Tako starts showing Ikura how to work the controls (shouldn't Kani be doing this?).  Ikura zones out, but when Tako snaps him out of it, he points out that he brought a GPS.  Tako lets this slide, but warns Ikura to figure out how to use the compass anyway.
Elsewhere, Sir Darkly nurses some bad weather out at sea and makes his intention to crash the fundraising party quite clear.  As the Pack heads toward Shipwreck Point (dun dun dunnn!),Tako continues to try and show Ikura what to do, but Ikura's not having any of it.  The ship gets closer to the bad weather, and Ikura's GPS goes overboard, just when the compass starts going haywire.  Too bad he didn't listen to Tako earlier...
After the commercial break, Ben calls Maguro over the ship's radio and tells her about the fundraising yacht party, but not because he thinks it's relevant to the plot, but because it just proves how much of a loser he is.  Immediately after this, the Pack nearly collides with Sir Darkly's boat (since the Windslicer is a stealth ship, as you may recall), and quickly surmise what he's up to.  Unfortunately for them, their near miss got them off track, and no thanks to Ikura, they wind up in Ship Wreck Point and, predictably, crash.  Up on the rocks, Ikura throws himself a pity party for not paying attention, Kani laments her boat getting smashed up, and Wasabi comforts her (aww...).  But Tako tells them they're not down yet, and just like that, everyone leaps into action to get the boat off of the rocks!  
While the Pack is laid up, Sir Darkly makes his grand entrance, mercifully interrupting one of the comedian's unfunny routines.  He revels in how quickly everyone's moods shift, and even breaks out some jazz hands for the occasion.  He's so busy hamming it up, in fact, that he nearly misses the Sushi Pack making their own entrance.  Which enables them to get the drop on him, as one by one they take him out and ship him off, taking his bad weather with him.  The comedian invites the Pack to stay, but, having heard his routines before, they take off.
Heading back into Wharf City Harbor, the Pack greets Ben by making up their own law to counter his: "If something can go wrong, Sushi Pack will fix it!"

Sir Darkly was actually kind of awesome in this episode.  Maybe because he was more of a large ham than his usual deadpan.  But, really, what was up with Ben claiming Murphy's Law as his own?  Is he that starved for attention that he has to take advantage of his charges' lack of exposure to the world?  Or, perhaps he has never actually had an original thought, and all of his advice and mentoring is cribbed from various other sources that he refuses to cite.  Considering his usual failure at relating his advice to the actual situation at hand, this is probably pretty close to the truth.

Tako is all up in Ikura's grill (seriously, he was incredibly touchy-feely in this ep)


Max Jordan said...

Maybe they couldn't mention Murphy's law for some reason. Is that kind of think copyrighted?

The Zany Bishojo Evalana said...

I highly doubt it.