Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little Voice Acting Research

Out of the blue, last night I suddenly had the urge to see what (if anything), I could find out about the voice cast of the upcoming Strawberry Shortcake series.  You may recall that the pilot episode was posted on back in October, although it was taken down a month or so ago, most likely because it will be released on a DVD with certain toys come this fall.
Anywho, getting on with what I found.  First off, I confirmed that Janyse Jaud is indeed the voice of Orange Blossom, and Strawberry herself is played by Anna Cummer (who, tangentially, is also the lead in Barbie's Thumbelina).  Unfortunately, this is all that I was able to find out at the present.  Although I did find a trailer for the Sky's the Limit! movie coming out this fall.  All the footage used is from the pilot episode, though, but it shows the cover art at the end at least.  I can't link to it directly, but if you go to this website and click on "Featured," you'll see an image of Strawberry that you can click on to bring up the trailer.

Edit: After finding out the voices of the new Core 7 My Little Pony animations, I'm 97% sure that Britt McKillip is the voice of Lemon Meringue.  Also, you can now find the trailer for the movie on Youtube.

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Prudence said...

I can't watch that Barbie Thumbelina movie. The animation hurts my eyes!