Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 again

  • 20:03 What is with Adam's hair? Is it the seventy's theme? 
  • 20:05 Seems Lil has finally picked a good song for her (I don't particularly like "I'm Every Woman," though). 
  • 20:15 Kris - She Works Hard for the Money: A pretty good arrangement, and definitely good vocals. But what's up with that shadow 'stache? 
  • 20:23 I love September ^_^ Do a good job, Gokey! 
  • 20:26 And it was good. Not fantastic, but still good. 
  • 20:28 What is up with that outfit? Quote Mom: "Her mother shouldn't let her out of the house. She isn't safe." 
  • 20:29 Allison - Hot Stuff: It just isn't the right song (and those stairs just make me think of Carrie: the Musical) 
  • 20:39 Adam - If I Can't Have You: It was all right, but didn't sound right somehow. 
  • 20:47 Matt - Stayin' Alive: Seems like one of those prophetic songs you're not supposed to sing. And this is the second song from that movie... 
  • 20:48 But overall his performance was pretty good. Hopefully he won't have to sing it tomorrow night, though. 
  • 20:57 Anoop - Dim All the Lights: Kind of lackluster. 
  • 20:58 And he needs to shave! 
  • 21:01 My bottom 3 prediction: Lil, Allison, and Matt 
  • 21:06 How come Adam's the only one without sunglasses? 
  • 21:16 As I predicted, Lil goes home. Surprised they got it out of the way that fast, though. 
  • 21:17 I guess it makes it easier to have tension between just two people, rather than three? I don't know... 
  • 21:29 I understand why they're bringing these artists back, but they really have not aged well. 
  • 21:55 Aw, not Anoop! Although considering how much he's been in the bottom 3, I'm surprised he lasted this long.

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