Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sushi Pack News!

According to a press release on the American Greetings official website, starting in August, Carlton Cards and American Greetings Stores (there are apparently 416 in the US) will have Sushi Pack merchandise in a special AGKidzone section of the store. From the sounds of it, there'll be 36 different products, from plush toys to messenger bags (happy happy Evalana ^_^) to stationary and stickers, and each purchase nets you a free DVD. The contents are unknown, only that there will be not only video (maybe clips, but I'm hoping for a full episode) and activities.
On a similar note, starting July 15, the website Ty's Toy Box will start carrying Sushi Pack merchandise as well. The press release only mentions clothing, including the ability to personalize t-shirts and sweatshirts.
I mentioned this on The Green Donut, but also this August, Kidtoons is going to be showing the cryptically titled Sushi Pack The Movie at various movie theaters (check the website for the closest showing for you). As far as I can tell, there's no information on what this movie will entail. I'm hoping for an origin story (finally! Come on, AGP, get on the ball!), but it could just be three or four episodes strung together and called a movie.
What really intrigues me in this press release is that it indicates that Sushi Pack's target demographic is young girls, which is suprising, since I would think it would be more a boy thing. I wonder if this is the result of them seeing a higher percentage of girls watching the show since its debut, or if it was always meant to be a girl's property?

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