Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random news about AG Properties

In my quest for information from this year's licensing expo, I've found out a number of things. For instance, as of next year, Hasbro will be representing Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake again, not AGP. While Hasbro is keeping the AiCaL look, SSC is getting a new revamp, with a few characters not making the transition (looks like Ginger Snap may be gone ;_;)
This interview with Josef Mandelbaum reveals that Sushi Pack will be getting a 6x8 section in their stores, but I don't know what stores he means. Must be Carlton Cards. We also get a little closer to Grizzle's backstory:
This year, we added an outcast Care Bear called Grizzle who is a safe villain—it’s probably the best way to describe him. He is the Care Bear wannabe [emphasis mine] and he is upset because he’s always wanted to be a Care Bear and is always trying to take the belly badges away from the Care Bears. He’s never successful and the other bears tell him he just needs a big hug

I don't know, either that doesn't mesh with what we've seen, or it does but it's horribly cliched. I mean, it's the whole "I hate you because I'm really jealous of you" story. Is that really necessary? Your thoughts?
By the way, if you look really, really closely at the image in the first article I linked to, guess what you'll see in the background? Sushi Pack plushes! Only Kani and Ikura are visible, and just barely.

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