Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 Tony Awards Live!

I wasn't predicting anything this year, as I really didn't know very much about any of the shows nominated. But here are a few of the thoughts I had during the show.

Why are we starting with The Lion King? Is this not 2008? Ah, tenth anniversary. I can't wait to see what Peter Filichia will say tomorrow.

I don't know, I feel like Passing Strange and In the Heights came out too soon to be nominated. Like it isn't fair or something.

I spent the majority of the Crybaby number explaining the plot to my mom and sister, since I'm the only one who's seen the movie.

I mixed up Laura Linney and Dianne Wiest. I have no clue how I did that, but I was telling my sister, "Oh, that's the evil queen from The 10th Kingdom," when Laura Linney came out and she was all, "Nuh uh!" because she loves that miniseries. So I looked it up, and sure enough, I was wrong.

Passing Strange number = boring and blah. Until the old guy showed up. Then it go interesting, and then repetitive, so I now have negative desire to see the show.

John Lithgow's presentation speech was hysterical! I'll post it on youtube soon.
My sister is amazed at how young the directors (for musicals) are (excluding Arthur Laurents).

The guy who wrote the music and lyrics for In The Height's acceptance rap was cool, even though I missed the last part because I had to explain the "in the hat" joke to my sister and mom.

Did you know that the original Broadway production of South Pacific was nominated for 10 Tonys and won them all? Apparently it's the only musical to win all four actor and actress awards.

Ah, Kristin Chenoweth. So cute, but so short. Laura Benanti just towered over her, and it wasn't because of the heels.

My sister is bummed that they didn't do "She's in Love" for The Little Mermaid's snippet.
Oh, Faith Prince is old... and Megan Mulally isn't good. Or maybe that's just me.

I keep tuning out the PSA snippets. But I am digging most of the Whoopi spoofs.

Now I'm even more interested in In the Heights, but I think I'd want to see it before checking out the cast album. Some shows are like that for me. Like Ragtime. And Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Both of which I saw at the Bushnell. Hm...

My mother on the guy who talked for August: Osage County when it won Best Play: "This is a bitter man. He just won, why is complaining?"

YAAH! Mandy Patinkin's Beard!!! What's up with that? I'm glad that my sister went to bed, she wouldn't have wanted to see that.

Whoa, that digital background stuff in Sunday in the Park with George is pretty cool.

My mom kept cracking up during the Xanadu sequence, which was the point, of course. I already knew from listening to the cast album.

I can't hear any of the songs from Rent without thinking of the Forbidden Broadway version.
"How sadly ironic/that a story about friends/is never to be seen by the like/just the rich who like trends."

Is Liza Minelli drunk (my opinion) or are her dentures just loose (my mother's opinion)?

I feel bad for Tom Wopat, but the guy from South Pacific was very good (from what I saw, anyway), so I guess it's all right.

Even Patti LuPone is not immune to the cut-off music, it seems.

As predicted, In the Heights took Best Musical. I have to say, I'm glad my mother stopped asking "Are they gay?" (her usual Tony presenter query), even if she switched to asking, "Aren't they dead?" instead.

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