Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two SSC thoughts

Over here, my recent viewing included two Strawberry Shortcake DVDs, Big Country Fun and Berry Fairy Tales. Neither was all that great, but I do have a few things I want to say about them.

Big Country Fun:
  • I'm super-annoyed that there was a distinct lack of Raspberry Torte. Mostly because the summaries online promised she'd be the second main character, but it was Angel Cake instead. And Angel Cake is like the exact opposite of Raspberry Torte and my least favorite of the core five.
  • The new style actually looks better in animation than in the other art. Not quite sure why, though.
  • It's nice to see a bit of continuity crop up here and there, such as Angel Cake's competitive streak, as seen in Play Day Surprise.
  • Okay, so if the writers can add in not one but two never-gonna-be-dolls characters here (Annie Oatmeal and Candy Corn), why can't they add some boys? Furthermore, why couldn't Plum Puddin' be a boy again, huh?
  • Speaking of Plum Puddin', why didn't she use her intellect to save the day, huh? I mean, she could have mastered her pony and used her brains, too.
  • I was all set to hate Annie Oakley because of her terrible accent, but then she sang that song in such a weird country-opera mix that I had to give her props.
  • Banana Candy, what happened to your hair! It looks like a terrible streak job ;_;
  • Question: Why did the Pieman want Candy Corn's farm, really? I mean, he'd already built the park (which looked fun, btw). Did he really need a parking lot that bad?
  • Also, Candy Corn was kind of asking for it by not locking anything.
  • And the county fair song was dumb, but at least it had some Raspberry Torte in it.

Berry Fairy Tales:
  • Sheesh, the way those fairies act, no wonder Margalo didn't want to go back.
  • Like Annie, I didn't think too much of Margalo until she sang that crazy song while attempting to channel Tina Turner.
  • The last thing Strawberry Shortcake needs is a higher pitched voice. Just saying.
  • It's kind of disconcerting when bad animation makes a character smile while foretelling the doom of fairyland. Unless it's a subtle jab at how nasty all the fairies are and thus why should Sherri care if they're saved. But I doubt that's what's going on.
  • And I'm simply appalled that in these PC times, the animators got away with making the meanest fairy a chunkpot when all the other fairies are total willows.
  • Also, that's a fairly good idea, having different classes of princesses, for a world where everyone is a princess.

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