Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's funny every time

Remember back in November, when TLC was showing Enchanted commercials left and right? No? Well, if you had a "What Not to Wear" obsessed sister and mother, you would. Anyway, every time that the commercial came on and showed Edward (James Marsden) getting run over by the cyclists, my sister would say "That's funny every time!" Every time, seriously. And today Enchanted came out, and since there's a special Redbox promo going on (shop at a Stop and Shop or Giant Foods? Contact me for the codes!), I rented it, and we watched it after dinner. And of course, during that scene, it was even funnier in context. But later, I was reading an article about Enchanted that included the picture above, and my sister saw it over my shoulder. "And it's still funny," she commented.
"Even funnier than the real thing?" I said.
"Yes," she replied, "because it has a latent energy in it." And then we both laughed.

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