Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, I had planned on writing up a post for you guys all about how you shouldn't watch Richard Williams' The Little Island (even though someone was nice enough to put it up on Youtube), but that I would watch it for you (seriously, after the first five minutes, I skipped ahead to the end just to see if anything actually happened) and describe it, mainly because I wanted to make fun of it. Even though it won a BAAFTA (Timothy Spall won one, too, but not for animation). But first I was at work all day, and then I went to the movies with one of my friends after work. And when I came home, I wanted to catch up on livejournal and Gaia, and stuff, before I started on this post. And since I had the first disc of the first season of The Critic from, I decided to put that on as background while I did my other stuff. And that was where my plan went downhill.
I'd never seen the show before tonight (other than random clips here and there), and I devoured it. The only thing preventing me from watching all the episodes on the disc tonight is the fact that I have my library internship tomorrow, so I can't stay up too much later. Which is also why I'm not posting my original post. Which I will do soon. Probably tomorrow, but we'll see.

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