Friday, February 15, 2008

Character Free-for-all

Select ten characters from any fandom:

1. Tako
2. Grumpy Bear
3. Grizzle
4. Raspberry Torte
5. Maguro
6. Merlock Holmes
7. Auraa
8. UR-2
9. Altessa
10. Luna Lovegood

Note: I did not see any of the questions before selecting the characters. If you want to do it, too, pick the characters now.

1. 5 and 9 are in a sporting event for charity, what event do they participate in? For what charity?
Sporting event, eh? Obviously, it must be a horribly mismatched three-legged race! Maguro would use her powers to manipulate the judges, so they win, regardless of actual performance. The charity? Something benefiting the Toy Town section of the Jewel Kingdom, perhaps.

2. If you could be 3's best friend for twenty-four hours, what would you spend the day doing?
Ah, yeah! First, I would get his guard down by working with him on some kind of awesome device to destroy the Care Bears (but not intend to use it, of course), and then I'd secretly hit the switch on the back of his suit and spend the rest of the day cuddling his little bear form ^_^

3. Is 8 more of a cat or a dog person?
Hm.... he really seems more like a cat person to me, although I can't really say why.

4. Create a live journal name for 10.
dontstopbelieving ...darn, she's hard to think of stuff for.

5. Out of 7 and 4 who would make a better preschool teacher? What type of games and activities would they do?
Auraa and Raspberry Torte, hm? Probably Auraa. He seems like he'd be good with kids, and he'd probably let the little buggers crawl all over him while trying to play horsey. That, and lots of fun dances that he cribbed from Fine and Rein.

6. Where would 6 like to spend an extended weekend? Wherever Sara Goodman happens to be, of course ^_~

7. 9, 4, and 8 have three seats in a row on an airplane; who gets the window seat, the aisle seat and the middle seat? What do they discuss?
Raspberry Torte and Altessa would fight over the aisle seat (Raspberry wouldn't be able to sit still for the whole flight, Altessa would want the extra leg room), but UR-2 would sneak in and claim it while they were fighting, but would be polite about it when questioned ("Well, neither of you were sitting in it, so I figured it was free."). Altessa would then take the window seat and Raspberry would sulk in the middle. Eventually Altessa and Raspberry would strike up a conversation about hair care, and UR-2 would go into sleep mode.

8. Write a haiku that 1 might write for 10 (5, 7, 5 syllables)
We've never met, but
Could you say hi to my friend,
The Giant Squid, please?

9. Out of 2 and 7 who would you rather perform a talent show with? What would be your talent?
I guess I'd pick Auraa, and we'd...swordfight? I don't know how, but he does, so if we choreographed it right, it could look cool.

10. 3 finds a wallet with two hundred dollar/pounds/etc with ID what does s/he do?
He'd keep it, being a bad guy and all. And use the money to buy more parts.

11. What is 1's greatest fear?
Not having people like his artwork. No, having his ink run dry just as he's about to finish his greatest work!

12. 5 was just arrest for ____, would 2 bail them out of jail?
Being a good guy, yes, but he wouldn't be happy about it. I really can't picture Maguro going to jail, though, unless somebody caught her for manipulating the judges back in question one.

13. 6 decides to throw a party, what are they celebrating? Is the party a success?
Probably the end of a big time case. Either that or his engagement to Sara ^_~ And if the time shifters are invited, things are bound to go horribly, horribly wrong. Oh, the chaos.

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