Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Late Night Video - Portuguese Making of The Lorax

Another thing I totally love: foreign versions of songs from animated musicals.  Even if I can't understand them.  Which explains why I'm posting this next video, despite it being in Portuguese.
Granted, only parts of it involve the music, but it was enough to make me happy.  Especially hearing part of "How Bad Can I Be?" (despite it being partially talked over).  Kinda makes me wish I knew Portuguese.
Here's the rundown, in case you just want to skip ahead:
2:49 - The chorus of "Let it Grow"
4:43 - "How Bad Can I Be?"
5:12 - The O'Hare Delivery Guy (Cy)'s part of "Let It Grow"
6:05 - Grammy Norma's Portuguese VA tries her verse of "Let It Grow"

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