Friday, March 23, 2012

I do this more often than I admit

I was relistening to the OCR of The Secret Garden, which is one of my favorite musicals, despite only ever having listened to it, and it should come as no surprise by now that some of the songs made me think of The Lorax movie.  What did surprise me was the sheer number.  Seriously, I did not think I was going to get so much out of it.  And true, very few whole songs worked, but here's what struck me the most, with the occasional tweaks to make it fit better.

High on a hill sits a big old house lerkim
With something wrong inside it
Someone died was lifted and someone's left
Alone and can't abide it
There in the house lerkim is a lonely man
Still haunted by her it's beauty (the land, that is)
Asking what a life can be
Where naught remains but duty
Ted: Is it always so ugly here?
Grammy Norma: It's the moor.  Miles and miles of wild land where nothing grows on but heather and gorse and broom grickle grass.

A bit of earth
She wants a little bit of earth
She'll plant some seeds
The seeds will grow
The flowers bloom
But is their bounty
What she needs?
How can she chance
To love a little bit of earth
Does she not know
The earth is old
And doesn't care if
One small girl wants things to grow

There's a Man - Transition
There's a man whom no one sees
There's a man who lives alone
There's a heart that beats in silence for
The life he's never known.

The whole friggin' thing!  But here's a few lyrics to give you an idea:
When a thing is wick
And someone cares about it
And comes to work each day
Like you and me
Will it grow?
It will
Then have no doubt about it
We'll have the grandest garden truffula tree ever seen.

A Bit of Earth - Reprise
A bit of earth
A drop of dew, a single stem
Begins to rise
That bit of earth
Is pushed away, the flowers bloom
Before our eyes

When you see a man who's ragin'
And he's jealous and he fears
That you've walked through walls
He's hid behind for years

As a side note, while this doesn't really work with the movie as is, but I envision Quartet being played out with Old!Once-ler as Archibald and Green-Suit!Once-ler, representing his greed, as his brother.  Not sure who the ladies would be, though. 

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