Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lorax Movie is a Musical!

The official site for the Lorax movie added the Cast and Crew section, and if you click on the Production Notes tab, you'll get a PDF full of interesting stuff about the making of the movie, though none of it is too spoilery (I mean, as long as you've been following along with the information and video clips that have been trickling out). Except for all the titles of the songs that are in the movie.  Now, it had been hinted at in various interviews that there would be songs in the movie, but according to the notes, there are seven, three of which are sung by Young!Once-ler himself:

The Once-ler happens to play the guitar and has a number of solo songs in which he picks it up and sings.  Singing is very much a part of his character.
I cannot express how happy this makes me.  However, the only info about the movie soundtrack I can find is a score-only CD thatcomes out the Tuesday after the movie does.  I sincerely hope that if nothing else, the songs will be on iTunes.  (Not that the score, by John Powell, won't be awesome.)

In related news, the world premiere screening of the movie is going to be this Sunday, which is my birthday, coincidentally.
Update:  There's a new character-centric featurette, and this time it's the one I was waiting for: Ed Helms talking about the Once-ler:
I wonder how many of these are going to come out?  Will there be one with Rob Riggle/O'Hare or Betty White/Grammy Norma?  Will they even go as far as Jenny Slate/Ted's Mom or the folks voicing the Once-ler's relatives?  Probably not.

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Kim J said...

It's A Musical!
And here I thought it wasn't due to what I seen of the soundtrack list.