Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That One Video

So I'm watching Obscurus Lupa's 30 Genre Films that DON'T Suck, and she mentions that one of the films on her list, Little Monsters, was her favorite as a kid and the one that she rented all the time from the video store.  Which got me to thinking about how my sisters and I also had a video that we rented more than any other when we were kids.  Actually, come to think of it, there were two.  We took Yellow Submarine out from the library as often as we could, until their copy got lost, or stolen, and they never bothered to replace it (still!).  But what I really meant to write about here was the video we rented from the video store: Unico in the Island of Magic.
In case you don't know, and when we were kids, my sisters and I certainly didn't, Unico was a character created by Osamu Tezuka, a unicorn who brought happiness to people, and for this was banished by the gods. But the West Wind took pity on him and kept moving him from place to place, trying to keep him hidden from the gods.  Unico in the Island of Magic was actually the second movie based on the Unico manga, and follows Unico after the West Wind places him on an island which turns out to be ruled by an evil puppet named Lord Kuruku.  He makes friends with a girl named Cherie whose older brother works for Kuruku in hopes of keeping his family safe from being turned into living puppet people that Kuruku uses to build up his castle walls.  But this doesn't work, as Toby and Cherie's parents are turned into puppets, and so Unico and Cherie travel to the ends of the earth to find out how to stop Kuruku.  There's all kinds of crazy stuff and great characters, so it's no wonder my sisters and I loved it so much.  I should rewatch it sometime.  It's on YouTube, after all.
What videos do you remember renting all the time?  I asked my husband, but he can't think of any specific examples.

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TaintedFuture said...

that's awesome. I guess I must rent, because the video is private on you tube.