Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not Such a Smart Muffin?

So, apparently the next SSCBBA episode is about Blueberry Muffin assuming that Strawberry is sending them all on vacation, or some such, which is pretty par for the course for this series (yes, but how will the usual plot be affected by Cherry Jam?  Which is not actually what I'm writing about).  The fact that it's Blueberry specifically that does the assuming (the episode is even titled after her, "No Blueberry is an Island") got me thinking.  Now, Blueberry is supposedly the Smart Guy of the girls (her official profile calls her "super smart"), yet it seems like all her focus episodes do their best to prove the exact opposite.  Granted, a lot of the time, it's to cement Strawberry's position as the voice of reason, but some of these are just inexcusable.  Mild spoilers ahoy.
Pop Goes the Garden - Blueberry orders daisies from a mail-order catalog and just can't understand how she ended up with popcorn instead, in comparison with Strawberry, who found a typo in a cookbook and was just "Eh, people make mistakes."
Where Oh Where Has My Blueberry Gone - Most egregious example.  Blueberry goes crazy for the Patty Persimmon series of books and not only empties her store of any books but those, but seeks to emulate Patty in all her doings, especially when investigating a real mystery.  It's been a while since I've seen this one, but I seem to recall even the other characters pointing out the stupidity of getting rid of the other books.  Really, Blueberry, even in a fangirl mania, you should have known better.
Manners Meltdown - Blueberry goes crazy observing obscure manners rules when the Berry Bitty Derby is reinstated, to the point of lacking both common sense and tact.
Happy First Frost - Again, Blueberry just can't understand why no one but her would want a huge book on organizing books.  For someone who reads a lot, she sure can be obtuse.
Truth be told, none of the characters really fare that well in their spotlight episodes, which as I mentioned before, is due to the writers needing Strawberry to be the one to deliver the lesson of the episode most of the time.  But no one else usually ends up being the opposite of their character traits.  How weird is that?


Bernadette the all n' all awesome said...

Gee... well, writers are weird.

Oh Noes said...

The way I see it, Blueberry can sometimes be so academically focused that it doesn't allow her to see the bigger picture. She's the smartest in terms of books and knowledge, not so much in terms of common sense and social etiquette.

She's a little like Twilight Sparkle of FiM, except Twilight can be a lot more cynical, Plum Pudding-like, and narrowly logical.