Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lite Sprites - The Toys

Chalk this one up to the Hub.  As I was scrolling through the schedule page, checking for any new info, I noticed that Maryoku Yummy was sharing its timeslot with something called Lite Sprites.  Having never heard of this, I did a quick search and discovered that it was a set of toys that got an animated special.  The general gist of the toys is that they're dolls that can light up with color.  Not only that, but you can take colors from everyday objects and transfer them to the dolls, and the dolls can share that color with each other and their various playsets.  It kind of reminds me of Glo Friends, with a dash of Rainbow Brite and Star Fairies.
The story behind the dolls is that they're in charge of keeping their home, the land of Lite-Topia, full of color.  Each one of them is in charge of a different area, with names to match.  Prisma is the unofficial leader, in charge of color in general, Astra is in charge of the night sky, Meadow has all the plants, and anything watery falls to Brooke.  Bleak is actually a rebel sprite, who prefers to zap away all the colors the other sprites work so hard on.  This translates to her doll being able to "steal" the color of the other dolls, and if you try to give her a color, it fades away in seconds.  Which is actually pretty cool.
The dolls themselves look a little funky, but I know that if these had been out when I was a kid, I would have been all over them.  But does the animated special do the dolls justice?  Stay tuned.

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