Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cherry Jam Music Video

After discovering WorldScreen, a little poking around revealed that they have Cherry Jam's video for her hit single, Anything is Possible.  I gotta admit, the song is pretty darn catchy, and Cherry Jam is too cute, especially with her hair swept up:
(I wish the video was better quality, though.)  Okay, so when are the new episodes going to air, The Hub?


Bernadette said...

Hello! I am a big fan of your blog! I mostly read the sushi pack stuff. I have only seen vid clips on the hub website. Sadly :(. I noticed that you missed a lot of sushi pack eps. I most want you to write down collect em em all and starring ikura. Oh! Gtg.

Bernadette said...

Back. Any way. I agree that wasabi and maguro are my least faves. Ikura is number one (i purely like the way his hotheadedness gets him into trouble) while kani and tako are fighting for seconed (figure of speech). I hpe you post more! Signing out!