Friday, January 7, 2011

Mystery Crochet-Along Clues Seven and Eight

Remember when I started posting about Bernat's Mystery Crochet-Along?  I took a break for Christmas, but here's the last of the clues.
Since most of us were still working on the squares for Clue Five, it was a bit of a relief to see that we only had to make one square for Clue Seven, but it was a big one.  A big granny square to be exact:
I have to admit, I was more than half-way done with this square before I realized that there was only going to be one.  There was a lot of speculation that this would form the center of the afghan, a prediction that turned out to be right.

Clue Eight, the last square, was a bit controversial.  The flower part was a little tricky, but a lot of people just plain didn't like the way it looked and made their own square.  Personally, I thought it was nice, though I'm not really sure I'm sold on the colors.  But I picked my colors at the start, and I'm sticking with them.
 So that's all the square clues.  The next post will be coming sometime in the future, though I don't know when exactly, since I still have to sew most of the squares together first.

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