Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mystery Crochet-Along Clues Five and Six

The fifth clue brought a surprise: not only was it the hardest pattern so far (a mitered square), but we had to make 16 of them!  Bernat assured us that this was the most squares we'd have to make, so it was okay if we didn't finish them by the time the next clue came out.  Which was good to know, because I wasn't even halfway done by the next Wednesday.  Or the next, even. (Though that's partly because I kept working on the other clues whenever I couldn't stand this one anymore.)

Most people were surmising that since each square made a kind of L-shape, we would end up putting them together in groups of four, making a ring of squares, as it were.  And as the placement for the squares has already been released by now, it turns out that was correct.  Due to the whole L-shape thing, too, I had a miserable time getting the squares to actually be square.  In the end, I just made sure to be looser on the second half, but I never really achieved a perfect square.

Now, while most of the posts for the clues have shown up at midnight EST (or pretty close), clue six didn't show itself until after 9 am!  Fortunately, it was a pretty easy one this time around, and in only one color, a welcome relief, after the last two squares.

A nice, lacy stitch.  It took me a little bit to get the pattern down by memory, but once I had it, all was well.  Or it was, until I discovered that I had forgotten the last row on the last two squares and had to add them on. OTL

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