Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maryoku Yummy - Build a Better Swingset and Ooka Times Two

I wasn't really planning on blogging Maryoku Yummy episodes--and I'm still not, but there are a few things about this one that I particularly liked and felt like mentioning here. The first half, "Build a Better Swingset," gets special mention for showing a good number of characters in hardhats and safety glasses (I don't know why, but cute characters are even cuter when they're in hardhats and safety glasses), and Young Fij Fij (so cute!).  Bonus points for having Yuzu completely fail at coming up with a rhyming catchphrase (something he usually does whenever he appears):
Yuzu: Need any help, Maryoku?  Using a hammer, drill, or ladder, Nonki and Yuzu are good... at... it all.
Nonki: It don't rhyme.
Yuzu: Hey, they can't all be winners.
The opening scene of the second half, "Ooka Times Two" is really why I'm making this post, as it's basically a spoof of every mad scientist movie ever made.  It starts in Nonki and Yuzu's workshop, with ominous organ music playing as they put the finishing touches on their latest invention.  Yuzu's expression is classic mad scientist, though his dialogue ("everyone is going to love this") isn't quite.  Until he tells Nonki to pull the lever, that is.  And it is, indeed, one of those ones.  Electricity surges, and their creation begins to rise as Yuzu cries out, "It's alive!"  Fade to black.  (They just made a robot, not an actual Yummy.)
I also liked this episode because it showed Maryoku finally cracking down on Ooka's goofing off.  It did feel a bit out of character, as she's usually more tolerant of Ooka's fun-loving side, but I imagine that Ooka's been ramping up her attempts to get out of work lately (as she greets Maryoku with "Isn't it a lovely Sunday?" and Maryoku immediately replies, "It's Monday" as if this isn't the first time), and even Maryoku has her limits.
Lastly, as part of a plan to get back at Ooka for tricking Nonki and Yuzu into using their robot to do her chores, the Yummies create The Wish Sitter Awards, and we get to see everyone (but especially Hadagi) glammed up.  The very end is a bit lame, but that's neither here nor there.

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