Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Bits on my Favorites

I've only been able to catch Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures sporadically, but since it's currently airing every weekday, I figure they'll lapse into reruns eventually and I'll see them all.  I'm not sure whether or not I'll blog them here, since I also figure that they'll be released onto DVD sooner or later.  After all, the episodes from Berryfest Princess and Glimmerberry Ball have already all aired as part of the series, so it's not hard to imagine that most of the episodes will be put together in similar "movie" fashion.  And it's just easier for me to write up a review when I have a DVD to work with, rather than a captured video.  In the meantime, I just want to say: Berrykin Bloom, stop rhyme-talking!  It's so annoying.  Also, I'm glad that Jadeybug finally got to talk, even if she didn't have a Spanish accent.

As I mentioned, Care Bears: The Giving Festival will be coming out soon, and to soften the blow of Princess Starglo debuting before her actual debut, Kidtoon Films is stepping up to the plate and showing Share Bear Shines during the month of November.  So that makes things a little better, I guess.  Is a DVD release far behind?  I certainly hope not.  Then again, there's no word on To The Rescue coming to DVD, and Kidtoon showed that back in April.

I've been enjoying Maryoku Yummy, though like SSCBBA, I only catch it here and there.  I'm really not that crazy about Inu.  I mean, Nozomu is a magical land, with crazy creatures; what do they need with dogs?  I also do not like Fudan, though he may be the answer to a quibble I posted when I first blogged about MY:
I mean, what if a kid wishes for an elephant for a pet?  Seriously, that kid is never going to get one, so that's a wish that will never get granted.
Fudan is a wish that has never been granted, and has thus gotten the hang of language (in that annoying like-a-toddler-but-not-quite way).  While most wishes just speak gibberish, I was amused to see that Hadagi apparently taught her wishes to say her name.  Most of the episodes I've seen have been fun, though I find it a little suspect that Maryoku often pulls tricks to make others learn their lessons, while if the others had done such a thing, they would have had to learn not to do that.  Best moment of the show so far: when Shika made a wish, and a little wish that looked like him was delivered. ^_^

And to close things off, someone wrote an abridged version of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic two-part pilot.  They did the latest episode, too.

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