Monday, October 4, 2010

Mystery Crochet-Along

 A couple of weeks ago, Bernat started their Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along, so named because only they know what the finished product looks like.  Each week, a new piece of the pattern is released, and those of us participating talk about it in the comments section.  It's been pretty fun so far, even though the first two clues were pretty simple.  But Bernat has promised that the squares will get more and more difficult as we go along, making this a good project for beginners.  A lot of people are using the colors recommended, but I picked out my own, seen above, so hopefully the end result will look nice.  (For the curious, they're Redwood, Pumpkin, Berry Red, Emerald, and Grape.)
 Each clue is released on Wednesday, and so far they've been two solid color squares.  Square one was a simple single crochet/double crochet square, while square two was a granny.
I'll be posting my squares each week (or so) from here on in, with a photo of the finished result sometime in December.

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