Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of Movies Lately

Well, my computer is finally back in my possession and running smoothly.  Spending a month-and-a-half laptop-less was fantastic for my crochet time (but that's another post, I suppose), and since I tend to either watch movies or listen to audio books while I work, I got a lot of movies watched.  Here's the list, and my thoughts on them.

When In Rome Simply Irresistible
When in Rome and Simply Irresistible
I actually watched When in Rome before my laptop went on the fritz, but I had been planning to post about it after watching Simply Irresistable, since I'd heard they were essentially the same movie.  Now, that's not really entirely true, but they do share a "supernatural elements in the city" plot point.  In the first, the main character steals coins from a fountain in Rome, making the people who originally threw them (including Jon Heder and Danny Devito) fall in love with her, and in the second, a girl is given a crab by some strange guy, and suddenly her feelings are turning up in the food she makes, and a tycoon falls for her because of this.  Both were pretty cute and fluffy, but I just want to point out that When in Rome's cover is absolutely terrible.  For one, the main character never actually looks like that, hairwise, and for another, that whole finger-biting thing is just plain stupid.  And Simply Irresistible's last act felt a little over-the-top, IMO.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2-Disc Edition)
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
I had been watching this one in bits and pieces before losing my laptop.  In the end, it was okay, but I can't really remember why I put it in my queue in the first place.

The Ice Harvest (Widescreen Edition)
The Ice Harvest
This one I had put in my queue purely for John Cusack, plus the trailer made it look funnier than it actually was.  I liked the dock scene, though.  Again, I had watched bits and pieces before finally settling myself down to actually watch the whole thing, and it takes forever to get going.  I didn't even want to watch the audio commentary, which really tells you something.  Seriously, I love audio commentaries, and I'll watch them for almost any movie, even ones I was only 'meh' about.

Adaptation (Superbit Collection)
I'd been meaning to watch this one for a while, but had just never gotten around to putting it in my queue or catching it on TV.  I didn't particularly like it, but I had watched Being John Malkovich, which I liked better but still not that much, so it seemed like the thing to do.

The Triplets of Belleville
The Triplets of Belleville
This is another one I'd been meaning to watch for years.  When it first came out, I was in college aand I was all over the trailer and that song, but I don't think it came out in theaters where I was at the time (the midwest), or if it did and I just couldn't get to wherever it was playing due to lack of transportation (I didn't know very many people with a car, and it wouldn't be until the next year that my boyfriend would get to bring his car to school).  But I finally got to see it now, years later, and let me say, the actual movie is like ten times crazier than I thought.  I mean, going into this, I knew the basic plot (grandma tries to rescue her kidnapped grandson from the French mafia with the help of her dog and the titular triplets) and that it was nearly dialogueless, but I had no idea just how strange it would all turn out to be.  Not just the way the story twists and turns, but the animation itself, though technically beautiful, is very, very odd at nearly every opportunity.  Seriously, watch this movie for yourself, and then you'll know.

Death at a Funeral
Death at a Funeral
My husband wanted to see this one when it was in theaters, though that didn't happen.  And when I found out that it was a remake of a 2007 British film directed by Frank Oz (who also directed Little Shop of Horrors, you may recall), I had to check out the original.  Which was pretty good, and not as inaccessible as some make it seem.  Anyway, since the US version had just come out, I put it at the top of my queue and it came without too much delay.  While the plot was close enough to the original, it didn't have quite the same charm.  Interestingly, the person who "dies" is played by the same person in both versions, Peter Dinklage.

Anime:  I continued on with Soul Eater and finally got volume one of Digi Charat Nyo! to show up.  I also had both discs of Sgt. Frog, part one of season two, which I had to hold onto annoyingly because I wanted to take screenshots.  I might have watched more movies if I hadn't had two of my three discs in stasis.

Thanks to the CPT movies, I finally succumbed to Netflix, and I used this computer-free time to finally see movies that were in my Blockbuster queue for ages but were always "Very Long Wait" or even "Unavailable."

Party Girl
Party Girl
This one is a library-related movie, though just barely.  And it was so boring, I probably wouldn't have watched the whole thing if it hadn't been in my queue for years.  I did like that the main character's apparent salvation was library school, but I just didn't feel like it was worth waiting for.

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) - A movie about They Might Be Giants
Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)
A documentary about They Might Be Giants, which was very informative for me, a relatively recent fan.  Also very entertaining, though that's probably not unexpected.

Show Business - The Road to Broadway
Show Business - The Road to Broadway
This one chronicles the 2003-2004 Broadway season, with a focus on Wicked, Avenue Q, Taboo, and Caroline, or Change.  Since Wicked and Avenue Q are two musicals I'm quite fond of (their cast albums, anyway), I definitely enjoyed this one.  It also had an audio commentary, which surprised me, this being a documentary and all.

Foul Play
Foul Play
A sort-of mystery featuring Gilbert and Sullivan and Barry Manilow?  Kind of forgettable overall (I zoned out about halfway through), but it was fun while I was watching it.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
I'd seen this when it first debuted online, (and I probably could have gotten it from Blockbuster, but hadn't thought of it yet) but I wanted to see the musical commentary, which did not disappoint.  Here's an AMV that someone made of one of the songs, which comes late in the show:

RiffTrax: Little Shop of Horrors - from the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000!
RiffTrax: Little Shop of Horrors
This is the original movie, not the movie based on the musical.  I'm a minor fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I guess it was kind of inevitable that I would check this out.  I also ended up seeing MST3K's take on Space Mutiny a number of times after getting it out from the library for my husband (I like watching things once, maybe twice for a commentary, but he likes to watch stuff over and over and over and over @_@).

I also saw a number of episodes of MXC thanks to my husband, and rewatched Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc., not to mention various random episodes of TV shows here and there.

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