Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Summer Memory

As I am still essentially laptop-less (which of course happens when Gaia's summer event is essentially the Oregon Trail. *sigh*), posts will continue to be a little light.  But I was reading X-Entertainment's review of Kool-Aid Bursts and suddenly remembered how my mom used to put Kool-Aid juice boxes in the freezer and then cut off the top of box to make a kind of Kool-Aid italian ice for me and my sisters.  It had a interesting texture, from what I recall (and I can only actually remember the Bluedini flavor, come to think of it), that would kind of flake.  It wasn't just a big ice cube, is what I'm trying to say. Part of me wants to try and recreate it.  But I am thwarted by the fact that Kool-Aid no longer makes juice boxes, although they do make Capri-Sun-like pouches.  Maybe that would work?  Somehow, I doubt it.

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