Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SSC Dress Up Game

I stumbled upon a new Strawberry Shortcake game, courtesy of Playskool Kids (through Hasbro), just the other day, and I gotta say, it's pretty cute. It's a little dress up game, where you can pick various pieces of clothing (and you have to pick one of each, otherwise the game won't let you finish) for the character of your choice to wear before being treated to a photo session and a spin on the fashion runway.

Sadly, you have to sit through Mr. Potato Head giving a spiel before you can get to the game, and the music that plays during the game loops very badly and far too often. But overall, it's a cute game, though for me, the best part is how cute they all look with their hair up in the dressing room.
Closing the game brings up the official SSC page for Playskool Kids, though the only other new content it has is an easy hide and seek game that suffers from the same repetitive music.

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