Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planet Blanket & Granny Squares

Since March is National Crochet Month, I've been turning my efforts toward making granny squares for Planet Blanket. Planet Blanket is the brainchild of a woman in England who is aiming to make the world's largest blanket, with squares from people all over the world. Below are five of the squares I've made so far, and that I'll be sending at the end of the month.

The first square is modified from a pattern I got from Michael's, called Granny Motif Mania Wrap, but the rest are all from Granny Crochet Favorites. The top two are regular granny squares, but the bottom two are a puff granny square and a log cabin square. I like the last one best, it has a nice stained glass effect.
In case you're wondering why I've only gotten five squares made after supposedly working on this all month, just chalk that up to the trial and error process. You see, the squares for the Planet Blanket need to be 5x5, and as I learned, not all granny motifs have the same gauge. So I have a number of squares lying around here that are too big (never too small orz), including some of the wagon wheel square, which I've yet to make within the size specifications using this particular yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in black and artist print). I'm hoping to get a couple done (the book includes three versions) using Vanna's Choice, but we'll see how that goes.

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