Tuesday, February 16, 2010

News from the Toy Fair

Well, the big news (as far as I'm concerned) coming out of this year's Toy Fair is the debut of the new designs for My Little Pony created by Lauren Faust. I first learned of Ms. Faust a year and a half ago, or rather, I learned of her property Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, and I've followed her blog ever since. About a month ago she announced that she was made Creative Steward of the My Little Pony line and Executive Producer of an upcoming new TV series, and judging from the image above (and more seen here), it seems that it will be a blend of the new and old MLP. I wonder what's up with the Alicorn up there, though? She gives me the impression of some kind of Pony Deity, like a Greek Goddess or something.
Strawberry Shortcake also has some things showing up that I'm interested in, such as articulated dolls. You can check out the whole thing here. And there are Sushi Pack figures! Kind of weird ones, but better than nothing.
A few other things I found interesting from browsing the galleries: Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog gets a doll (if it's already out, I haven't seen it anywhere), first look at Rapunzel dolls, these are adorable, and while the chicks are cute, the whole thing is a little disturbing, if you ask me.

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