Friday, November 2, 2007

Ugly Betty and Wicked

As a Broadway Buff, I love Ugly Betty for representing musicals, but every now and then, they do something to suit the constraints of the TV format that just drives me nuts. Like in tonight's (yesterday's, technically) episode, when Betty and Henry finally got to see Wicked and end up backstage in Glinda's bubble/pendulum. Since this is TV, the pendulum of course starts going on stage. What bugged me about this is that it was during Defying Gravity, and the pendulum doesn't show up during that song. >_<
Similiarly, from the first season, in the episode when Justin was going to see Hairspray, but the subway got stuck en route, so he started acting it out by singing Good Morning Baltimore. I got so annoyed that the writers cut a part of the first verse out of his performance, not just because it messes up the song, but because Justin's character wouldn't cut out/forget the lyrics!

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