Friday, October 19, 2007

Adventures in Care-a-lot 3

I've been putting this off long enough. No screenshots this time around, sorry.
Episode 3 didn't really do it for me, so the quick and dirty version:
Part one - Ice Creamed (Lesson: Everything in Moderation)
Apparently, Amigo Bear has an ice cream cart. After Grizzle destroys it, Grumpy makes a new one that never runs out of ice cream. Predictably, everyone has too much of a good thing, until Share calls them all out on it and arranges for everyone to work off the ice cream. Meanwhile, Grizzle fails yet again to destroy Care-a-lot, so he steals Amigo's ice cream cart instead, only to inadvertantly fill his lair with ice cream.

The stuff I liked:
-Grizzle as a clown
-"Do I look like someone who'd hire a clown?"
-That quick moment of disarmment in the bushes (you know, when Share was all "Is that what it's supposed to do?" and Grizzle's all "No, it's supposed to..." and then they realize what's really going on)
-Grumpy's obvious pride in the new cart
-Oopsy hoping bumbleberry juice doesn't stain.
-Grizzle ranting to Mr. Beaks, and everyone else being all "Who's he talking to?"

The stuff I didn't like:
-These kind of stories just rub me the wrong way. But I'm not going to go into that right now
-Amigo's grief over his cart being offscreen
-Did we really need to see Grizzle imminent suffocation by ice cream? One, it would be enough to know that he's getting more ice cream than he can handle. Two, it would even be enough just to see that he doesn't know how to make the cart do what he wants to do. We don't need to see any more than that, especially when death is implied. (Not that I thought he would actually die, but I don't see how, outside of a "cartoon reset," he could get out of that alive)

Part two - Heatwave (Lesson: Face Your Fears)
Grizzle has a plan that's working for change: utilizing a giant magnifying glass (aka the Magnifryer) to heat up Care-a-lot. His plan is threatened by the Thunderwhales, giant flying whales that make clouds (thus bringing rain and cooling things down). Grizzle chases them off, so the Care Bears plan to lure the whales back with sweet things. And since Share is the only one who can make anything sweet on command, she gets saddled with the job, even though she's terrified of the whales. But she manages to bond with the whales, who destroy not only the Magnifryer, but Grizzle's entire lair. It rains, and Care-a-lot is saved.

The stuff I liked:
-Grizzle actually having a good plan
-Share hiding behind Grumpy when the Thunderwhales show up
-Funshine trying to fight the Magnifryer's power with his own sun power
-Share doing the same "nononono" thing that Grumpy did in the first episode

The stuff I didn't like:
-The denoument. I mean, really, did the whales have to destroy Grizzle's entire lair? Sure, the Magnifryer had to go, but the rest is just overkill. And then having Grizzle's suit rust in the rain? Again, overkill.
-The apparent permanent disappearance of UR-2 :( It looks like Grizzle's going to have a new robot in every episode, but none of them will be as awesome as UR-2 *sigh*

Episodes 4 & 5 coming soon, hopefully before the weekend is over.

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TuffAZnailzs said...

In the episode (Heatwave) I to like the part where ‘Share’ hides behind ‘Grumpy’; like she feels SAFE being close him. Plus I never noticed how she and him BOTH did that "No no no no!" thing; good catch there! : )